Suicide and the Bible – Part 2

Worth another read. I have revisited this blog and thought I would share this. I hope this eases the reader’s heart and mind because if you are reading my blog chances are you have lost someone to suicide. God be with you.

Soul Food

After recently reading my  original blog, Suicide and the Bible,  a reader kindly wrote,

I was reading your “Suicide and the Bible”..and I just have a question. I’m genuinely curious to know what you think about this. So you’re saying nowhere in the Bible does it say suicide will send you to hell. You did call it murder (of yourself) however, which is sin. We are supposed to ask for forgiveness for all of our sins, so what if someone commits this “murder.” And dies instantly and didn’t get the chance to ask for forgiveness?

Here was my response:

That is a very good – and common – question.

Fortunately, the Gospel makes it perfectly clear that, at the moment we profess our faith in Christ, we are redeemed, purchased by Christ’s blood, and seen, in God’s eyes, as 100% righteous and holy (2 Cor 5:17, 21).

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  1. This was definitely worth reading and I completely agree about the “forgiveableness” of suicide. Self-preservation is hard-wired in us; taking one’s own life is completely against this “normal” inner drive.

    Mental illness is often chronic and subject to ebbs and flows in intensity just like any other chronic illness. For some reason people want to downgrade mental illness to a”chin-up it’s not that bad!” treatment solution. Which just causes more angst. I should know-I’ve dealt with major depression well before my husband and kids died in a wreck.

    God understands us and never condemns the innocent. Some people just need to back off and get off their high moral horse and quit judging the vulnerable mentally ill. It’s often of life . . . or death importance.


    • Thank you, Donna, my faithful reader and sister in Christ. You have emphasized what I had to learn from our personal tragedy; that suicide goes against our natural instincts to survive. Our brains, our whole chemical make up is just as vulnerable to illness as any other part of the body.

      Thank you for your wise imput always. Love and Brandon bear hugs to you!


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