The Joy of Helping the Hurting

I reblog this story of hope for all those, like me and the writer of this post, Nick Watts, who have suffered the agony of losing a child to suicide. Next month it will be 9 years that my son, Brandon, left for Heaven. As the old hymn says, ” further along we will know all about it….” by then the joy of reunion will make this pain all but a flickering memory. God bless you.

Soul Food

I cannot begin to estimate the number of people my wife, Michelle, and I have counseled since the suicide of our son, Jordan. Countless people who have, themselves, suffered the loss of a loved one due to suicide.

The first one to contact us happened within the first week after Jordan’s death.

This morning I have been counseling yet another precious individual who is suffering from what psychologist refer to as “complicated grief” (grief associated with suicide).

And I am, dare I say, grateful that I can.

My friends, Jesus didn’t pull any punches when, on the night before he would be crucified, told his disciples, “In this world you will have trouble (complicated grief, unspeakable suffering, depression, pain, etc.); but take heart, I have overcome the world.”  (emphasis mine)

Michelle and I have, over time, found that, after Jordan’s death, we had a choice to make: (1)

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  1. Thank you for reblogging this, Dale. Even though my children (and hubby) died via an auto wreck, what Nick writes here is spot-on for all bereaved souls.

    I so agree with his statements regarding choice: essentially either live in despair “or” choose Christ and live in Him to show us “the way out” of our agony. Jesus is real, and He continues to save us.

    Sending love your way and wishes for dear Brandon Bear spotting! Donna


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