It Is Well With My Soul

The following is a compilation of my writings that witness to God’s sign to me with the song, “It Is Well With My Soul.” I hope that through these writings about how God has ministered to me, a grieving parent, that another person who grieves this deep suffering will find the peace that passes all understanding.

My writing reflects the ongoing “roller coaster” that describes this suffering of loss. Truth can be an unbearable pain or it can be a welcomed peace both of which have been my personal experience.


  1. Dearest Dale, I pray and hope you and i have been brought together for a healing, and a purpose with my whole heart do i believe & know it be be true.
    You are my Christian Sister and I pray, to you i am❣ Christine Crochet #Kristi❣ “It is well with My SOUL❣” 🤗


    • Thank you so much Kristi. You are a blessing sent my way. God is healing my broken, cut to pieces heart through His love and presence and those whom he has sent. You are among those earth angels carrying out a mission ordained by our Father. Love and Brandon bear hugs to you, sister.


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