His Legacy


The comment left on Brandon’s legacy page has left me with a deep joy and a deeper sadness. I miss my son so badly. He was truly loved and respected by so very many people. It does my heart good to know he has not been forgotten. I love to read the memories of other people about my son, to know that he affected people with all those same qualities that I knew as his mother…that I wasn’t just seeing something that I wished was there just because I was his mother…that the loveliness of this God-given person was not only mine but was also a gift to those around him. I have included some memories of the lives he affected to give a little window into the heart of the son we raised. It is an understatement to say that I miss him…that I love him and always will.

I now use Brandon’s legacy page as a memorial to post my heart on anniversaries, birthdays, holidays….blue days…..any day…..



October 06, 2014

How do I say I miss you. I think of you so very often. In no disrespect to your wife and family I mention this… You were my 1st boyfriend so very long ago (high school crush-lol) and it left a lasting impression in my life Brandon. You treated me with respect when others didn’t. I use to tell you to thank your parents for raising such a sweet boy. I annoyed your father calling you so much. We broke up but stayed friends. Years passed quickly, mutual friend (Stephen R.) remains but that impression of a great man will last forever. Brandon I know in my heart you are in a better place, because Heaven is better for having you. Is it wrong to ask for you to help keep all of us strong down here while waiting to see you again? I miss my friend.  S. W. Crestview, Florida
March 30, 2009Brandon in New Orleans

Brandon has left a lasting inpression on my life. He was a very good friend. I worked along side him during medical emergencies at the jail, and in pensacola. we worked out together, and shared alot of personal information. he always made me laugh. he gave me excellant advice. He touched everyone with his gift of laughter and artistic talent, i still hold one of his drawings he made for me on my fridge….anonymous
March 25, 2009

Brandon was a wonderful person, he helped me through some really hard times. I will never forget the laughs we shared, he always made me smile. He will always hold a special place in my heart and never be forgotten. *** I miss you Brandon ***  S.G….Pensacola
March 16, 2009

I spent nursing school with Brandon and he kept us laughing and was a wonderful nurse. He always had such a big heart and was there for everyone…. Krista, Niceville, Fl
March 15, 2009

I spent an intense year with Brandon in nursing school. We were partners alot and became good friends. I am very saddened by his loss. Brandon and I had many laughs and i will miss him greatly!  Courtney Wagner, Lakeland, Florida
pictures of brandon 099(picture taken in one of his classes in nursing school) 
March 14, 2009

Brandon always made me laugh at work. Never had a dulll moment when he was at work. I will miss his sense of humor and how he loved the people he took care of at work. My prayers are with the family.   Marcella, Pensacola, Florida

March 13, 2009

Every day Brandon made us laugh until we cried. He always left funny notes or drawings hanging at the nurse’s station and he could do an awesome Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation. We will never forget his smile and the sound of his laughter. No one could ever take his place. We will miss him so much!!     Brandi Santiago,  Pensacola, Fl
Brandon Making us laugh BEING SILLY…… …lovely plastic wrap….
March 13, 2009

God bless your family during this difficult time of loss.
Our children grewup with Brandon; Our daughter is his age, and our son is younger. I was reminiscing with my son the other night, and he reminded me of a time when a couple of bullies from school tried to give him some trouble – but luckily Brandon showed up and defused the situation. Friends like that are hard to find, and Brandon left us too soon. God bless.     James Fiske, Crestview, Fl

– See more at: http://www.legacy.com/guestbooks/nwfdailynews/brandon-heath-condolences/125003849?&eid=sp_gbupdate#sthash.edlFbN50.dpuf



  1. One word…”WOW!”
    How blessed you are, to have this concrete proof (not that any is needed), of Brandon’s godly impact on people.

    I was talking earlier today, about the lasting impact, our beloveds have on those left behind. My companion stated how his parents, to him, still “live”…because he has taken their loving attitudes and values…and given that back to the world on a daily basis.

    Brandon is an exceptional young man…and such wonderful tributes-You did a great job raising your boy! Kudos!

    Much Love,

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    • Believe me, those comments from others have been a balm for our pain. I wish you could have known him in person. Of course, you will meet him one day…as I will meet Michael, Lisa, and Tim, too. xo


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