“Tommy Boy”…Brandon Boy

Brandon was a great impersonator. One of our favorite comedies was “Tommy Boy” with Chris Farley and David Spade. This scene is one of our favorites because Brandon used to take a jacket and do this scene just like Chris Farley. Brandon had perfected Farley’s expression and voice. All three of my children have a knack for remembering lines from a gazillion movies. I miss Chris Farley and I miss my Brandon.

My husband decided to watch the movie on Netfix today. It’s odd how what used to bring laughter…brings pain…and then brings laughter again. Life’s cycle. I have not watched it since Brandon left for his heavenly home but today I watched and laughed like I used to….in memory and honor of my sweet Brandon boy.



  1. Hi Dale, my first comment has gone into cyberspace-(my phone froze and it poofed).
    Basically, I’m thrilled that you have allowed yourself this comfort! Not easy to get to this point, and because it’s a change-will typically meet some “resistance”. I would sometimes seem to be back to square one, the day after victory. Change is hard but of course, well worth it!

    Studies have shown, how countless people choose “the old” vs. the new. This applies to the bereavement process, too. It can be scary…venturing out into this brave new world…Keep up the wonderful work!

    Love and Big Hugs to you and Brandon!


  2. Seems like me and your son would have gotten along well. I did Yul Brenner from “The Ten Commandments” yesterday for my mom. She asked me to do something, and in my best Yul Brenner I replied, “So shall it be written, so shall it be done.” It was my first time doing Yul Brenner, but my mom got the reference. I asked her how young I was when I started doing impression, and she said I was about 18 months. From my crib, I put my dad’s hat on and made funny faces.

    Anyways, not meaning to “upstage” Brandon, I thought you’d like to hear my little story. Have a great week, Dale. 🙂


    • Andy, I know you and Brandon would have been good friends. He was very likable and liked everybody. I wish I could hear your Yul Brenner. Your mom is blessed.I would give anything to be able to ask Brandon one more time to do his impersonations. I enjoyed your autobiographical snippet 🙂 You have a great week, too.

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