Good Friday…an ‘always gift’ from Brandon in God’s Perfect Time

I want to share this timely post again. It means so much. My son’s forever gift to me…..and you.

In the Wake of Suicide

Last week I found a poem my son had written years ago. It was on the old kind of printer paper with the holes on each side. My heart nearly stopped because I had almost thrown away this stack of papers thinking of them as unimportant trash. Thankfully, I thought better of it because among the “trash” was a gem from my precious son. As I read the words my son had written, my eyes clouded with tears and I felt overwhelmed by the message.

Brandon had written a poem in the voice of a Roman guard, the one who had pierced Jesus’ side. Joy and sorrow clashed as they always do whenever I have received a gift from yesterday…a gift from beyond. Even though, I had read this poem years ago, I had forgotten it and placed it among my own poems.The paper had once been folded so I…

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