Watch “IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL (Arr. David Wise) #ItIsWell #StudioSinging #NashvilleStrong” on YouTube

I was sent this link by my daughters and my sister. All at once my messages were blowing up by people who know my personal relatiinship with this song but also the fact that the young man, David Wise, who arranged and sings in this video, is from our hometown, Crestview, Fl.

I have known David, his sisters, and parents since he was a little boy. We all attended the same church and my children went to school with David and his sisters, Christy and Amy. David has always been destined to be an entertainer/performer. He was never shy and sang in church from an early age. He also comes from a talented family. David has always had a wonderful tenor voice. As is always the case, we lost contact after my children graduated. I see his dad in town from time to time but our small town of yesteryear has grown and I seldom just bump into people I once saw often.

I am so proud of David’s accomplishments. He makes me feel like a proud mama watching this video that has gone viral in the midst of this global pandemic. My heart is full. Thanks to all of the participants and especially to David. You have touched my heart and many others.



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