A Psalm for Us in These Troublesome Times

Thank You, Father. I love you. Give kisses to Brandon from his Dad and me.


    • Hi Andy. Things are pretty good. We are staying home as much as we can during this time of uncertainty. Thank you so much for asking. It will give me time to write more on my blog. I hope to write a life update. I hope you are well. Do take care, friend. God bless you.


  1. Thank you for posting this comforting psalm, Dale. I wonder if it’s to be taken both literally and figuratively, because good people die from all those perils listed too. I figure it’s referring to our souls always being protected from all harm. Stay well, Soth!


    • Hi Donna. I believe the truth of the Bible is valid for all generations. It shows us that as much as the world has changed so much had not. All our challenges are the same. As for the wicked…they will go through the same trials with a very different outcome here on earth and after. And as you and I know, God’s promises to us is what sustains us through it all. I do not think the “fatal plague” can be taken any other way but literally since the soul cannot be threatened by illness. Our flesh can be destroyed by illlness. The last line addresses both a long life as well as God’s salvation. We are protected by our Almighty Father! I feel better reading Psalms than watching the media fill our heads with fear don’t you? ; Love and Brandon Bear hugs, Sil.


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