I have thought about Heaven everytime a loved one died or even a stranger. But like you when my son died 8 years ago, I have thought about it almost every day because my sweet child is residing with Jesus. I am very eager to be there and am not afraid of death. I will reblog to my blog with hope that your words will give peace to each reader. Thank you.

Soul Food

As a Christian, I believe in heaven. As a pastor, I’ve studied and taught about heaven. As a musician, I’ve noted that almost every single hymn written has heaven the subject of its final verse.

When my dad died I didn’t really think differently about heaven. When my sister died I didn’t really think differently about heaven.

But when my 19 year old son died…

Heaven was real to me before Jordan became a resident. But now, it’s something altogether different. How can something become “more real” than “real”? I don’t know. I can’t explain it. It’s as though, in May 2013, a part of my soul took up permanent residence in heaven.

The veil separating heaven and earth, for me, became thinner.

In his brilliant sermon, The Weight of Glory, CS Lewis described heaven as “the scent of a flower we have not found, the echo of…

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2 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. Thanks, Dale, for reblogging this insightful post by Nick. Losing a child through suicide is, in my opinion, “the” most difficult kind of death to recover one’s balance from. Keep up the good fight. One day, we’ll finally all lay down our arms to rest. As you know, Brandon, Michael and Lisa–thanks be to God–all live.

    In love,

    • Thank you, Donna. You always encourage and enlighten. I am forever blessed by your presence in my life. Yes. We will be wirh our babies again. What a party awaits us!!! Love and Brandon bear hugs.

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