An Interview With Brandon’s Mom

I have borrowed the following questions from another site:   Thank you, Kathleen, for introducing me by way of your own blog: I thought as I read the interview with Maeve’s Mom how I would an…

Source: An Interview With Brandon’s Mom


  1. I am just about to have a look x Do you still feel exactly the same? I wish I could give you a hug, find the right words, explain how much you have helped me in understanding mental illness – my own and Ming’s. You are an incredibly inspiring person in the way you have dealt with the unbearable loss.


  2. Thank you Jules for reading and your thought provoking question. When I considered the re-post I thought about how I am feeling now. Perhaps, the one thing that I should stress is that my faith is even stronger. Other than that, when I read those questions I still agree with my answers of those earlier days in grief. I believe its because I can’t separate now from them. Although time softens the shock, I am still a mother who has lost her child never more to share with him my love on this side of Heaven. The reality of missing him is too great but the hope of seeing him again for all eternity is even greater.

    I am glad if anything I have shared has been encouraging to you and others who read my blog. Only God has given me the will to bear my grief and perseverance in a public forum such as this blog. It is all for His glory.


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