Once Saved Always Saved?

From time to time, Christians are faced with unspeakable trials that causes us to doubt our faith. Suicide is one of them. Never at any other time are we rendered so weak as when we are in shock over the unexpected death such as this. When it occurs we are in a spiral that seems endless. It is at such a time as this that we need reassurance of our Lord’s presence and always the salvation of those believers who succumbed to mental illness or impulsive, irrational judgment that led to death by their own hand.

I find great comfort in being able to read this post again and again by Wally Fry who thoroughly and biblically reminds us “that once saved always saved.” Glory to God!!!!

Church Set Free

This is a rerun of a rerun of a rerun. I have run it on my own blog and others, and now am posting it here on Church Set Free. I will probably run it more in the future. It’s a longish post, but this subject deserves a thorough treatment in order to be fully understood.

The question is often asked: Can a person, once saved, ever lose their salvation? The short answer is: NO. The Bible clearly and unequivocally teaches that a person who was truly saved and converted is eternally secure in that salvation and will never lose it. This is referred to as the Eternal Security of the Believer, Perseverance of the Saints or “Once saved always saved.”

We are going to discuss a lot of material here, so this will be a longish post. We will look at the key passages that support this doctrine; we…

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