A Legacy: Words of Love

I have in my possession a letter written by my grandfather, endearingly called, Gandy. It is dated September 21, 1966. It was written to my Aunt Mary, who must have been going through some kind of trial and he was trying to comfort her. Below are his words that I have kept in my bible to read and read again. Presently, I am taking his advice and studying the book of Galatians.

Dear Mary~

First let me say, I love you as a sister and really appreciate your letter, perhaps I can understand as but few can, having had trials that brought heartaches, pain and suffering. I longed for someone I could go to for help but nothing seemed to help. I truly hope and pray that I can be of some help and that this letter can be so regarded. May I suggest —

Best while all alone:

Read all of Galatians, slowly, carefully, and prayerfully. Spend thirty minutes in meditation looking at the goodness of God and our unworthiness. Try not to let your deep sorrow come into mind. Know that our goodness and works can never save a soul, it has to be by grace, through the righteousness of God knowing that He cares and understands and allows thing to happen that He might grant to us His peace through love. How could He have loved us so?  Notice he considers love by pain and suffering as He sets the example. Then say, “Lord, I am ready to suffer.”  Thank Him for His great love. He will give you peace and show how to live today instead of yesterday.  Ask for His spirit which is Christ within…His salvation through and by His grace.

He helps us to see those things we cannot see. He helps us live for Him and guides our thoughts that we, through Him, might be fruitful for His glory. Mary, I must say prayerfully…the Lord is coming again soon and much sorrow in every way will precede His coming. All in love we must take up our cross and be ready. We can stand it only by His spirit as you read in Galatians.

I trust you may find peace and a love to work for Him as never before through His spirit.

Please write me again. Since Christ is my physician I dare not complain, I am 74 on the 28th.



My grandfather passed away nearly 2 months after writing this letter and a few days after he and my grandmother celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. November 28, 1966.

Fern and Minnie Jordan…my paternal grandparents.






  1. Such a sweet story about a wonderful granddad. Such a wonderful example to follow! He and Brandon are both watching over you from above…just patiently waiting. Your grandma is cheering you on also. You resemble her!




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