Isaiah 45:7 – Does the Lord Create Evil?


Isaiah 45:7 – Does the Lord Create Evil? by Paul Ellis

Whenever I tell people that God is good and he is not the One making them sick nor is he responsible for the bad things going on in the world, I can guarantee that I will get two cynical responses.…

Source: Isaiah 45:7 – Does the Lord Create Evil?

It’s Brandon’s 37th birthday today. In just about 45 minutes and counting he was born on a balmy July 26th night in 1979 at 10:48 p.m. making our family so very happy. His life was cut too short by something I cannot fully understand. It was declared on his death certificate that he took his own life on March 6, 2009.


My husband and I have gone through the gamut of trying to figure out “why or if “….only God and Brandon knows for sure…and the others that were there that night. One thing that I have struggled with is the spiritual battle that has ensued because of it. A wonderful and glorious gift was taken away in one blinding moment of impulse? passion? insanity? QUESTION MARK!!  Our tragedy has left me with many questions and very few answers if any. Sadly, I have been mad at God. I am ashamed to even write those words.

I am an avid reader and constantly looking for answers to life’s many mysteries, mostly of the personal kind. My personal loss…my personal tragedy….the evil that killed my son. Today arrived almost as a gift to me on my son’s birthday, a very good explanation to one of those verses in the Bible that has always made me wonder. If God created evil than it conflicts with all that I know about Him, like unconditional love, mercy, grace, kindness, redemption, etc… I know I am not the only person to have scratched my head over this one. Upon reading,  if you are like me then you will be wonderfully enlightened.

Jesus loves you, Brandon
Jesus loves you, Brandon