1. My heart goes out to you, dearest Dale. Brandon’s departure from this earth was so horrible, that it’s possible you may have PTSD…and no wonder you see one scene…and have “flash-BACK(S)” regarding that traumatic time.

    I wish I had the right words to help ease your pain. What helped me after my own tragedy, was to remind myself that nobody gets away with anything–because God sees all–and is a just and avenging God.

    “It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”
    (Hebrews 10:31 NIV)

    Hoping you will feel released from so much incredible pain…Love,



    • Donna, your words and kindness are always invaluable to me, dear friend. One day I will have solace about this whole wretched tragedy but I don’t think it will be here on earth. Or maybe it will. I just hope that there will be less and less unexpected situations that “take me back” to where I never really was. I wasn’t there so I have no way of truly knowing but as you say, “nobody gets away with anything because God sees all.” Sending love and of course, Brandon bear hugs.

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  2. Dale, oddly I find myself wanting to thank you. Your pain is fluorescent and felt so keenly – your words have always borne testimony to all and more. Yet this post moves us into a wider context – as personal and intimate – yet revealing, explaining. So thank you. And my pain for yours is even greater, my heart goes out to you even more. Grief and loss of a child is almost beyond bearing for anyone – but with the constant fuel of “who, when, why, was and if … ” added to the exhaustion – and always in your life still. I still have no answers. Just even squishier ((HUGS))

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  3. Paul, you have truly been helpful in so many ways, especially to lend a late night ear upon our first meeting on Skype. I have thought about all that you and others bring to my heart and mind during this seemingly constant ordeal and what helps the most is that people may not have answers or words…but they still have love and kindness and a willingness to “fix” the unfixable. I am always amazed at that. No one really knows me but yet they still want to help me through this devastating loss. That is a kindness that goes beyond my comprehension. I am blessed and my gratitude seems too little for all that has been done for me by God and my new found friends/family. I am hopeful that I will have better days because of it even though when those unexpected expected times suddenly steal my joy….I can always gain it back through the love shown to me by so many here who remind me of God’s promises and eternal love. Thank you, always. Much love to you my brother in Christ!!

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