The Empty Grave Conundrum

While even those of us who are Christians still struggle with devastating loss it is still up to us to show His strength through our suffering…”to point the way” inspite of our fragile feelings.

Mark writes from the well of pain after losing his precious daughter to cancer. We are reminded of suffering, sorrow, and new life all in one season. Christ, in His transformation, has given us hope for an eternity. We are of a grateful heart as we smile through our tears.

A Generous Helping

We provided a typical Easter holiday for our children: Church where they learned about Jesus’s sacrifice, pretty dresses with white patent shoes, dyed eggs, and chocolate delivered by a generous rabbit who responded to their questions despite having an impossible schedule to keep. They learned that the Easter Bunny’s name is Hobie and his handwriting looks surprisingly like mine if I were to write with my left hand. Since we are Southern where spring is in full bloom by late March, we always took pretty pictures besides budding azaleas.


Despite my longing for it to go backwards, the calendar plods on toward Easter – our second without Kylie. You might think we are getting in a groove by now, but we aren’t. Little things dig deep. Tears seem to come less frequently, but the heartache turns up like that last plastic egg you find in September because the kids gave…

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  1. What an interesting journey to read-Mark and little Kylie. (I ended up reading several of his posts-as he’s very “readable”!) Thank you for sharing this, Dale. Hoping you have a blessed Holy Week.

    Love in Christ,



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