An Appointed Time…


Michael Brandon Heath   July 26, 1979  ~  March 6. 2009

“I loved the boy with the utmost love of which my soul is capable, and he was taken from me….yet in the agony of my spirit in surrendering such a treasure, I feel a thousand times richer than if I had never possessed it.”      William Wordsworth,  1812


Brandon four yrs old...sweetest boy in the world         IMG_0109

IMG_0119           IMG_0120


going to Heaven


  1. You’re in my prayers for strengthening, dearest Dale.
    These photos (especially the first one where Brandon is kissing you) are heartbreaking. But reminding myself,
    “HE LIVES!!!”
    –and thrives–now in Paradise where we can join him (and Michael and Lisa) definitely helps.
    May God’s assurances bring comfort to your sad and weary heart, dearest Dale…

    Sent with love,


    • Thank you, Donna. I believe I was given extra peace and strength because of my caring, loyal, and prayerful friends and family. I am blessed beyond measure❤️


  2. I think of you a lot, Dale, and I am very grateful for your blog because it has given me an awareness that I didn’t have before. Ming is a very intense 22-year-old and is experiencing his first romantic heartbreak. Coupled with the grief about Anthony’s slow demise and my battle with depression, he is doing a lot of crying and I worry when he says things like “what’s the point?” My heart goes out to you and yet I almost feel like I know/knew Brandon too. What a wonderful wonderful young man you produced.


    • Thank you Jules. It is never easy watching our children hurt. Young love is bittersweet sometimes. I know what you mean by “intense.” I think Ming must be sensitive, too. I love reading about your family and I feel like I know them like you do Brandon. Hold onto them as long as you can. I think we are both blessed😄.

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