The Beautiful Peace of God

I am wonderfully inspired by these words, Victoria. The Cardys are the best example of Christ like holiness. We must choose to be more like Him everyday…to forgive and to love. It takes faith and trust in God to be able to do this in face of such horrific circumstances. Thank you for your post. I am deeply moved and hope others will be touched as I have. God bless you as you move through your grief over the absence of your Leah

My Journey:

Isaiah-263-Perfect-Peace-IntentionallyPursuing.com_In August 2012 Leah and I went to Coleraine Congregational Church where Catherine Campbell was launching her most recent book: Broken Works Best. Amongst the invited speakers that night were Pat and Andy Cardy. I was familiar with their story as I had heard them being interviewed on the radio several times. The sound of their voices has always reduced me to tears, their story is so heartbreaking.

On the 12th August 1981 Pat and Andy’s nine year old daughter Jennifer left her home in the quiet countryside to cycle to a friend’s house nearby. Jennifer never reached her friend’s house that day. Her bicycle was later found thrown behind a hedge along the road. A week later Jennifer’s body was found, strangled and drowned, in a dam thirteen miles away.

In 2011, Robert Black, who was one of Britain’s most notorious serial killers, was convicted in Armagh…

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2 thoughts on “The Beautiful Peace of God

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Cardy are an inspiration…such an atrocity, makes it incredibly hard to be forgiving–and yet they have done so and uplift us all…Thanks for sharing Dale….

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