Dear Amazon, Is This Supposed To Be Funny?

amazon-shirt-suicide-watchIt has been brought to my attention by another blog sister that this shirt actually exists and can be ordered through Amazon. I just don’t know where to begin with my frustration. I guess to begin with I am upset with the designer. And DO NOT respond to this post with any kind of comment with consideration to the freedom of expression. I am sick of those who hide behind the right to do anything in the name of freedom! I will not tread lightly on their tasteless sympathies in the name of political correctness. To me this kind of “expression” teeters on the edge of evil…not humor. I, by the way, abhor “political correctness!” To me the whole thing is just plain stupid. A rose by any other name is still a rose…and so is sh#t. You can call sh#t another name, I guess, i.e. manure, dung, crap, poop, etc…but it is still fecal matter much like this shirt. We live in a world of super sensitivity. Everyone is offended. The Word Police are out there and they are watching and waiting. That being said. I am totally offended by this tasteless trash. But there is someone out there in the free world who is defending it right this minute as a work of art. My concern is that there is a market for this; a retailer such as Amazon that finds this profitable. Is that all that matters? Profit? What happened to decency?

Interestingly this was the Proverb that came today.  I subscribe to it through my email:

Proverbs 31:8-9

8 Open your mouth for the mute, For the rights of all the unfortunate . 9 Open your mouth, judge righteously, And defend the rights of the afflicted and needy.

The emphasis on the tragedy of mental illness as something to be laughed at is beyond my understanding. And yes, many people who die by suicide have a mental illness. While the world begs for more sensitivity it still remains insensitive to much. It is offensive and is offended at the same time. The world has a split personality.

The stigma attached to mental illness/suicide is an anchor that weighs down that part of society which we should be trying to understand. We should be censoring ourselves. Decent people do. But there is a fraction of the world population that does not do this. They design the shirts, they sell the shirts, they buy the shirts, they wear the shirts. But as for me, I protest. I will use my freedom of speech to express my convictions against vulgarity and indecency, both of which are subjective for creativity’s sake. I know the slippery slope that artistic endeavors travel. We are a family both of humor and art.

My family has a good sense of humor. My Brandon had the God-given gift of humor as well as artistic talent. Even before our tragic loss of Brandon to suicide, we would never have laughed at this tasteless offensive shirt. We have a foundation of goodness and concern for our fellow humans. We would never find the sufferings of others something to be laughed at. We ourselves have suffered an immense suffering that has no words…there are no pictures to describe this pain. But with shirts like this one (tee shirt…one letter from being sh#t) …the pain is made more unbearable by the secular greed that markets such a travesty.

I am just curious: Has there been any Cancer Watch tee shirts? Would this designer be able to survive on the profits of such shirts? Would he/she dare put their name as the label on the front pocket? Has this person/s lost anyone to suicide? While much guilt should rest upon the designer, so should there be on the retailer and the buyer. For without a market for such as this there would be no sales.

Thanks to Susan Irene Fox who also sent a comment to Amazon as well as, Oliana at :


6 thoughts on “Dear Amazon, Is This Supposed To Be Funny?

  1. Dale, that shirt is abominable. So is the idea that “profit” should come before any moral decency! Matthew 24:12 states that,
    “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold.”
    Insensitivity to those affected by suicide…definitely indicates the truth of that verse.

  2. Well said, my dear. I still am waiting for a response to my letter. Perhaps I should post my letter on their Canadian and American Facebook page. May I reblog this post to my blog at Stigmahurtseveryone?

    • I believe the only way to combat this is indeed by bringing shame to all involved in the sale of this shirt. I think a Facebook notice would be in order, Cheryl-Lynn. And yes, please reblog if you wish. Thank you.

  3. Hopefully we’ll see an example of capitalism at its finest here. Since the “free market” runs by supply-and-demand, lack of demand by consumers such as ourselves will mean this shirt will be taken off the market and disappear forever.

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