OUTRAGEOUS!!! Sermon on Suicide by known evangelist David Wilkerson

It was very hard to read the following link .http://www.rapturenotes.com/suicide.html   I reached it by way of just clicking on links as I was trying to find out about “casting our crowns at His feet” because of a discussion my husband and I were having about our reward in Heaven and just what that means. As you may well know, we can get very distracted on the internet as we click here and then there and then….well, you know what I mean. This particular site has posted a variety of topics written by various people. I clicked on the subject of “suicide” for obvious reasons. It was very disturbing to read a most condemning post on suicide.

The writer was David Wilkerson, a popular evangelist from the seventies that some may remember wrote “The Cross and The Switchblade.” I could barely get started on reading his ranting which was angry and hostile but I knew that I must so that I could reply to his judgmental rage. If you would care to read the entire rant I have provided the link above. It is short and he, himself, takes the place of God and Judge as he dares to warn of the horrors of hell and those who die by their own hand. He may have had good intentions but you know what ‘they’ say about that.

Wilkerson’s sermon was not one of God’s grace or a loving Savior. In fact, he does not mention that the mind can become ill just like the kidneys and the heart. He automatically assumes that just because we pray for something that we will receive it, that it is our lack of faith that keeps us from having. As many people do, he (mis) used scripture to support what he was trying to convey, albeit poorly and dare I say, incorrectly! I, on the other hand, ask the reader (s) to please look up for yourself Bible verses and the MEANING of the things you think you may know. Be prayerful. You may be surprised that you have been wrong on a lot of things. I know I have but this is not one of them.  “We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23  “For the wages of sin is death…” Romans 6:23 http://www.gotquestions.org/the-wages-of-sin-is-death.html

  Wilkerson wrote:Suicide is not the end of your problems! It is a ticket to hell! He never would have committed      suicide if he had really known where he was headed”…..”Life is a gift! You can’t play God and throw that gift back in His face. He alone holds the keys to life and death – only God can decide when to use them”….”God’s way out is through simple, childlike faith. Trust Him! He can lift your dark clouds and dispel all the gloom. Trust Him to give you a miracle – to make all things turn out for good! Trust Him as a friend that sticks closer than anyone else on earth! Trust Him to keep your mind clear, stable and well-balanced. He has promised to do all this and more for all who simply trust Him like a little child.”

 And I say:  Did not God know the minute my son (your son/daughter) was born the hour of his/her death, as well? if He assigns life then He assigns death, too! We cannot take that power…His Sovereignty, away from Him! The suicidal person is only dying like the rest of us. God in His mighty omnipotence could intervene at any time when we face death no matter the cause. But sometimes He just takes us home where we who are believers in Christ belong. I pray(ed) for my family’s safety and health. It is all that matters to me. I have volumes of prayer journals with that request. That same request is written on my heart. Was I not trusting God when I asked for those things. I even went back to some of those prayers when I was pointedly asking God to address my son ‘s depression and bad marriage. I have my son’s own prayer journal from his tender teen years and right before he married, as well. It is heartbreaking to read those words “please keep me from destroying myself.” My son had faith in God. He knew his Savior, Jesus Christ. He is IN HEAVEN !! All because of what Christ did on the cross and not because he died (as was ruled) a suicide or mental anguish.

Take heart all you readers who have loved ones who have died by suicide. Only God knows our hearts. Only God knows the state of a mind as it arrives to the point of no return. Only God loves us unconditionally. Only God could, would and did send His Son to die on the cross to redeem us from of our sins…the very sins that send us to our earthly death and transition us into our Heavenly peace and our Father’s presence. Praise God for His love, mercy, and grace! We have HOPE. We are not going to hell every time we turn around for something we have said or done wrong. Our salvation is not a token that can be taken away. We are in God’s grip (John 10:28) and no man can take us away with his warped sense of God’s wrath and justice. Fear mongering evangelists do nothing for the cause of Christ except to turn people away.

Footnote: David Wilkerson died as a result of his own human error. His very own flawed human nature died by a mistake he made. Maybe he will meet many of those people he “condemned to hell” or maybe not. Only God can judge.


* On April 27, 2011, while driving east on a highway in Texas, Wilkerson crossed into the westbound lane and collided head-on with a tractor trailer. He was pronounced dead at the scene, just over a month from his 80th birthday. His wife Gwen was injured.


8 thoughts on “OUTRAGEOUS!!! Sermon on Suicide by known evangelist David Wilkerson

  1. Outrageous!!! That article written by a so-called “authority”…is so filled with rot, it’s hard to fathom such being written– by a spokesman for God.

    To me, it’s another way “The Enemy” works…a mixture of Biblical citings, and a warped “interpretation” by a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    How can such hateful, mind-blowing, wrathful venom, be pronounced by a so-called expert regarding God’s love and compassion? “By their fruits ye shall know them…”

    To the already fragile survivors-this one-two violently forceful punch, is designed to stun-with the goal of a full knockout of a Believer…He condemns violence done to one’s body…yet verbally scourges and pummels…inexcusable and completely unChrist-like!

    Keep writing the truth Dale–God is compassionate and merciful! (And didn’t He let the “thief” crucified next to Him, into Paradise right along with
    Him and that without delay? God is L-O-V-E and MERCY!!!

    Keep the Faith,


    • Thank you dear Donna. You always comfort me with your encouragement. I read more about Wilkerson. There is much controversy about his so-called prophesies. I believe his own words have exposed him for what he really is/was.

      God bless you, friend! Of course, I am wrapping you up in Brandon bear hugs.


  2. Im very sorry ladies, but I really think that it is not necessary that suiciders are saved automatically…and I also don’t think that DW is bad preacher. He is just talking about other side of Gods character. And its not only love and mercy, but also justice and hate for a sin…think about both sides…

    • We who are believers in Christ no matter the cause of death DO go to Heaven. You have absolutely no idea what goes on in a person’s mind and you have no insight to their heart like God. Those who do not preach about God’s grace miss the entire Gospel!Legalism is a sin. It is a rejection of Christ’s mercy and forgiveness. My son is in Heaven because of his faith in Christ. Mental Illness does not condemn people. Thanks be to God.

    • God’s wrath was satisfied on the cross. We are under the New Covenant not the old. I hope you will learn of God’ s love and mercy. You can be the best person in the world but only ONE thing assures your salvation and that is forgiveness through Christ’s blood.

    • You are an evil person who would come to my blog to condemn the mentally ill as this wretched preacher did. You know nothing about the grace of God but only the legalistic, unholy, life of a Pharisee. I’ve only allowed your foolish comment on here so others can see the horrors mothers like myself must endure. Your very beliefs have condemned you. What a pitiful, foolish soul you are.

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