An Unhappy Happy Day

I wish I could have baked a cake for you. I wish that you could have blown out your candles and made the wish that would have kept you here. I wish I would have invited you over for your favorite dinner. I wish I could have wrapped a gift and given it to you. I wish I could have heard your laughter, your “thank you.” I wish I could have many more days with you on this earth. If only I could blow out the candles on my own birthday cake and make this happen. But for right now, I can only wrap up your life in old photos that have been used repeatedly in my feeble attempts at video making….something you were always good at. Here is my gift to you, Brandon boy. I love you, son. The oceans cannot contain my tears. 


  1. That made me so sad to watch, Dale-for you and me both. Clearly Brandon was and always will be treasured…
    When the 7 year old picture of Brandon came onscreen, I again realized how many memories I’ve missed having, because my children died so very young…2 or in their twenties or thirties-they transitioned so far ahead of us-now “we” wait- instead of them waiting for us…At least they’ve reached their oasis destination, while we’re still stuck on “Stand-By” flight status…missing them and waiting for Reunion-Time and joining in on the “Par-Tay” to beat all partays!

    Prayers are being offered up for your strengthening, and for even extra blessings for Brandon in Heaven!



  2. Loss has a way of marking time with tears. I would suspect that if tears could be counted we both have an immeasurable amount soaking the world in which we live. I try to remain optimistic that the death of my son and your children has only spared the horrors of what may come in this life. As you say, they are already at the “par-tay” where we can’t wait to be.

    I make my videos to commemorate a life that meant so much to me. It is all I have to offer. I think Brandon would be flattered that I do it. He was such a film buff and a creator of his own homemade movies. I always think of how he would have loved this feature on most computers.

    Sending love and Brandon bear hugs to keep you comforted. We are assured that Brandon, Michael, and Lisa…and of course, Tim…are absolutely loving the beauty and peace of where their souls reside. AMEN!!


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