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I have thoroughly read the biblical truths and explanation of which I agree. I would like to share the Good News with all who will read and are searching for God.

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 SIH STSTA ICON“What Must We Do To Be Saved?” 

(Part #1 – Salvation)

THE most important question that anyone can ask is the question posed by the keeper of the prison in Acts 16:30… “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”.

The answer to this question is more valuable than gold, silver and all the wealth this world has to offer. This answer will reveal to us the path that leads to the forgiveness of our sins, the receipt of the indwelling Holy Spirit, fellowship with the Only True and Living Creator, and eternity in paradise with God Himself. Our very spiritual life and eternal destiny rely upon finding the answer to this question.

This question is of such importance we will be taking several blog entries to carefully answer this question…

Blog Entry #1 Salvation; Blog Entry #2 Repentance; Blog Entry #3 Faith / Belief; Blog Entry #4 What about good works?; Blog Entry…

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One comment

  1. Hi Dale,

    Hoping your summer is flower- beautiful…

    I appreciate the author’s intent and reading through the first part, have no “objections” to what he’s written. Yet, I find myself thinking that God is SO BIG, that trying to almost “nit-pic” His why’s and where’s and how-to’s, near impossible except for the very most basic-along the lines of “God is LOVE” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. I think not enough is spoken of God’s super-abundant MERCY and desire to have ALL with Him in Heaven and doing everything with that in mind when it comes to the individual’s “judgment”. And I surmise the author is writing nothing “amiss”…I just feel anymore, that God’s Love isn’t even “reasonable” sometimes-as in the father running to embrace his son who had returned after squandering all the father’s money…

    Even AFTER death, I firmly believe that things MAY have a chance to be made right… God seizing ANY last chance to help restore and repent and then LIVE with Him…

    That’s my two cents worth anyway!

    Much love to you and all your love-faves…especially dear Brandon Big in Heart Bear!



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