“How To Get Through What You Are Going Through…”

I have hope of being with Brandon again because of what was done on the cross for all of our sins, my sin, your sin, all sin. If you look at the world today, you must agree, those who have lived long enough, know that it is getting worse. We have to have a Savior. In the end Evil does not win. It cannot. God has promised us eternity. Jesus defeated death.  Who are those persons who cannot or will not believe? I can’t imagine not wanting to have hope…to live eternally in perfection, Light and Love…Truth….Christ who loves us…the Father who loves us even more than we thought possible…even more than we have loved our children.

Yesterday, at our family Bible Study…our Sunday worship time. We watched the following video of how Pastor Rick Warren and his wife, Kay, are getting through the most horrific grief…the loss of their child to the horrors of mental illness. He died of suicide on April 5th, 2013…4 years after Brandon also died  from suicide. Sadly, it takes a celebrity of sorts, to bring light to the sorrows of suicide in a way we ‘common’ people cannot. Their voices command a bigger audience…a curious crowd who cannot possibly understand that wealth and fame are not always conduits to happiness. Yes, not even our hope and faith in God works out the way expect in this life. Our complete surrender to God is an understanding that healing is not done in this life so much as it is in the next life…our eternal home with God. Real healing is ‘there’ in Heaven for those who believe in Christ Jesus.

The following video is a look at how two parents faced the mental illness of a son whose healing was not to be in this life. In it are words of comfort not only to those who have lost a child to suicide but to any kind of death…to other kinds of grief, divorce, job loss, etc….the sorrows of this world. My family watched intently as we felt the Warrens’ pain and have known the same comfort in this ongoing loss of our beloved Brandon. There is hope. Please look for it and have confidence in the love and mercy of God.


3 thoughts on ““How To Get Through What You Are Going Through…”

  1. The clip of video is inspirational. They are so sincere in what they are saying. I have been singing along to a Van Morrison song that I recently posted on my Blog. I dedicate that song to you too. Much love, Julia

  2. I had to update my Flash before viewing this, Dale. I agree 100% with what Pastor Warren says (and his wife). That is what kept me trudging along and what keeps me centered…”knowing” that there is still God with us and there’s no abandonment whatsoever. They live, and that is what I focus on. Their physical deaths are a casting off of the heavy, burdensome body. Now they truly have “Life” and so will we, in due time. Thanks for sharing this!

    Love is forever,

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