Friday night March 6, 2009….Brandon’s prayers were answered

Michael Brandon Heath July 26,1979 ~ March 6,2009

Brandon on the beach

Taken from Brandon’s prayer journal February 2000

“I am getting older and learning that the only thing I can look forward to is me and the presence of God Himself.” (The journal is mostly about his disappointing relationship with K., his girlfriend at the time.)

“…please continue to be with me and strengthen me. I want to be a lion. (I did not know of this when I wrote my last post about lions and lambs)…Thank you, Father, for helping me so far…”…..” Forgive me,Father,I know I screw up a lot, but I know I am not damned for it.”

“Forgive me for my failure and sins. I ask that You create me into the lion-like, strong,unstoppable,powerful force that I know lies deep within me. Bring out all my potential.I will not be a waste or underachiever with You over me. Thank you, Father”

“Dear God, please help me. Thank you for giving the power for another battle.”

“I will continue to pray to You for advice, wisdom and power ( Brandon means strength when he uses the word power)..I know I can achieve my goals with You there. Thank you for your wonderful, REAL love. I can’t wait to be with You. I love You.”

Brandon, we love you more than can possibly be expressed and know you are with the Father where love..divine love, can never disappoint. Remember, “you are my sonshine, my only sonshine, you make me happy when skies are grey, you’ll never know dear how much I love you, please don’t take my sonshine away.” Forever your loving mom.


12 thoughts on “Friday night March 6, 2009….Brandon’s prayers were answered

  1. What a blessing that Brandon loved Jesus and looked to Him for strength! Those prayers must bring you comfort to know that he trusted in the ONLY SURE HOPE…

    I love you,


  2. After a crazy week, I am a bit tardy reading this. I am utterly, beautifully amazed by Brandon’s ability to easily express his devotion to Jesus. Clearly, these writings are a gift to you from Brandon (and of course God!) The years may roll on, but our love for our children remains forever steadfast. Peace to you, my friend and fellow traveler along this difficult road…My love to you and Brandon Bear, Donna

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