The Stigma and cliches…..

I posted this very early on in the first days of my blogging at WordPress. It is an exceptional article and I hope it brings a better understanding of how it feels to be in my shoes, my son’s shoes, all the shoes of those who have walked this path. God bless the reader.

In the Wake of Suicide....trying to understand


By Franklin Cook, SPNAC Editor

I have worked in suicide prevention and suicide grief support for a little more than a decade, and for the past year and a half (since the SPNAC blog was launched), I’ve scanned hundreds of articles on this tragic subject. In the course of my encounters with what is said and written in communities across the country and on the Internet, I have been subjected about a thousand times to the declaration “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem,” and I cannot hear it one more time without crying out: Please stop saying that!

I know that it must seem like a clever and even a helpful thing to say (or else why would people have kept saying it, right up to the point where it has become nothing less than a cliche but with the power, I’m afraid, of an axiom)…

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One thought on “The Stigma and cliches…..

  1. I remember reading this excellent article! It really helped me understand more about suicide and why what happens…happens. I have never again used that particular phrase-after reading this. Thank you! Love, Donna

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