“When I die don’t cry for me”……


I wish I did not cry for you Brandon, but I do. This song is more for others about ME when I die. They will know that we are together in Heaven where we will be together one day. I love you and miss you beyond words. XO MOM



going to Heaven  Jesus loves you, Brandon


2 thoughts on “Selah

  1. Tried earlier to comment, but my phone froze and stayed frozen!

    I have heard this beautiful song once before…and it is a great song. I love the lyrics! Thanks for posting this!

    Love to you and Brandon Bear,


  2. This is a beautiful song with a beautiful image. When you die, when your time has come, I will shed tears of joy, knowing that for you: ” The wounds this world left on your soul, will all be healed and you’ll be whole.” Unless of course, the Second coming arrives first. Love and peace, Julia x

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