When Your Children Stray from the Church

As a parent, I have struggled much the same as this couple. All three of my adult children at one time or other have tried to assert their independence by not attending church along with other “grown-up things” they thought they should experience against our parental wisdom;  not unlike my own departure when I was young and immature. But we have never abandoned our faith or what Jesus means to us because of any time outside the building called ‘church.’ God most certainly has not forgotten or forsaken any of His children who believe and have faith in Christ, or else the sacrifice of His only son was for naught.

I am thankful for Chad’s words that remind me of God’s amazing grace and how He is faithful to us, as we have all been “that one sheep” at one time or other. In our human condition we fail again and again but we are seen through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ in whom we believe by our Father in heaven. There is great comfort in those words, “We can never do enough to win the love of God and we can never do enough to lose the love of God.” He is the best daddy ever.

I will reblog this with much gratitude.

emptypewsJames and Holly may not have been perfect parents, but they did the best they could when rearing their daughter and two sons. The kids never had to worry about where the next meal was coming from. They attended good schools, had good friends, made some good childhood memories. More importantly, James and Holly made sure church was part of their children’s weekly life. All three were baptized and confirmed. They were at Sunday School, VBS, and weekly church services. These parents trained up their children in the way they should go, as Proverbs 22 says. And now that they are old, they have not departed from it.

Actually, only one of them hasn’t. Their oldest son is still active in his local parish. But their youngest son and their daughter—they may go to church when Easter rolls around, but even then, they usually stay home. For James and Holly…

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