Getting over suicide – or maybe not

The cruel thoughtlessness of other is well documented throughout history…beginning with Job’s friends. My friend, Emma, writes of this continuing ignorance and cruelty in the modern world.

My brother killed himself

“So you’ve got over your brother’s suicide, I see,” a friend said to me the other day.

I looked at her. Processed the question. Looked at her again. And then asked her what she meant.

“You haven’t blogged since the summer and you’ve finally stopped banging on about it on Facebook, which has to be good.”

At that point I only had one option: I had to put her straight.

Because as anyone who’s been thrust into the world of suicide bereavement knows, there’s no magic date on the calendar that becomes the you’ve-got-over-your-loved-one-killing-themselves anniversary. Put simply, it’s not that easy.

Yes, the intensity of grief subsides; yes you learn to ignore the ‘whys’; and yes, life returns to normal – albeit a new normal, the normal created by you in the aftermath of the suicide.

But I won’t ever get over Matt ending his life, even if I have…

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