“TCM Remembers” and So Do I

I have been a fan of Turner Classic Movies since before Turner became a classic movie channel. I have loved the “gray” movies as my granddaughter calls them, in spite of color. I have always watched with a curious sadness the “TCM Rembers” at the end of each year since they began making memorial videos of those in the film industry. It was too much for me to watch in 2009 so I didn’t. Each year brings tears of my own loss, as well as, those from the entertainment industry who affected my childhood. It makes me long for those days of yesteryear when innocence was real and dreams were possible. I no longer have the innocence or the dreams but, I do have the memories of that time. When or if my mind goes is the only time they will be taken from me.

I never knew you, Mickey Rooney. I never knew you, Shirley Temple. I never knew you, James Garner. I never knew you, Philip Seymour Hoffman. I never knew you, Robin Williams. You all, however, have been a part of my life. I am sad to see you gone from this earth but a part of you still remains…the part that I knew. You were only real to me from the roles you portrayed on screen and yet, you will be missed. Nothing for me has changed because I can still watch you in those roles. You bring to mind a better time of what used to be. As I watch the video that has captured your image in faded gray or the soft halo of color…I remember my son, Brandon. He wasn’t Hollywood. He was more real than you could have offered in any role you may have played. My son not only shared with you a talent for creativity which was never recognized on the world stage, he shared with you the fragility of life. While some get to say “good-bye” others leave us wanting that final wave…that reason…that answer…always wanting more.



  1. Dale may the God of all peace comfort you always,until he calls you home. May you find rest in his word and comfort in his arms. May you always know he is there always watching over you. May you know his love for you more and more.

    Much love my dear friend


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