Cause For Celebration And Contemplation

You are there, Brandon, and we are here. God is with us all.

Thank you, Jesus. We commemorate the day of Your birth. You are the best gift of all. We look forward to being in that grand celebration with our loved ones when that day comes. Until that day our happiness is quieted by the sadness of our loss. We miss our Brandon but we know he is safely with You, back where he belongs. We were blessed to have him if only for a while. Please give him our kisses and hugs. I ask this for all of our family. Amen.



Jesus loves you, Brandon




5 thoughts on “Cause For Celebration And Contemplation

  1. Amen Sister! And even though our childrens primary home is now Heaven…I like to think that because “God is with us all”…our loved ones come with Him-as we are a package deal with Him-and either actively or passively-they’re along for the ride! 🙂 This is why I believe they’re aware of (and care about!) their Moms left here on this sinful planet. Yay!

    Love to you and Brandon,


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