Hope is a Circle

I was asked by my friend, Susan Fox, to write a guest post about hope. I was already in the middle of writing a journal page about just that thing that I had begun about a month ago. My only prayer is that others will find hope and know that they can have peace in the middle of tragedy and loss because of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He has given us hope and assurance of being resurrected because death was defeated on the cross. We are given signs and messages. We just have to be expecting them, always looking for them and believing. God bless the reader and those who are observing the loss of their child today.

Susan Irene Fox

By Dale Jordan Heath

After the death of our son, Brandon, to what was ruled a suicide, I was in shock and what seemed to be a permanent sorrow. The anguish had an immutable grip around my life. I was suffocating in grief. No one could say anything to me that was comforting. I sought the peace I did not have, desperate to know that in spite of how my son had died that he was in Heaven with Jesus. Somehow I had in my mind that to kill one’s self is unforgivable. I think I must have come to my own wayward conclusion somewhere in my past undoubtedly inspired by an unforgiving world and/or an unforgiving religion. To believe your child is not forgiven and possibly in hell is hell itself for a parent. My personal belief is that once we are saved by God through our belief in…

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