Don’t Fight The Raging Torrent

Death is an unrelenting enemy and comes to all of us in many forms. My heart goes out to all parents who have lost their precious ones. I read this heart -wrenching description by a father who has lost his son to suicide. It aptly describes the pain of loss, especially a child to suicide. It describes the emotional range of any parent who has lost a child. I hope you find a measure of the hope that is ours in his words. God bless.

Surviving My Son's Suicide

I have been spending time reading accounts of those who  have lost a loved one through suicide on  “Alliance of Hope: for suicide survivors“. Reading accounts of those who lost a loved one to suicide when they are in the beginnings stages of grief and guilt ridden brought me back to my early days of trying to survive Aaron’s death. The emotions, grief, guilt, confusion, anger etc is so intense you think your going to die yourself. There are times you think it would be easier to give up than have to endure for another day. You can’t see the future and you can’t know that it happens to all of us who lost a loved one.

To me it was like being thrown into a raging torrent of water that was headed for a waterfall and there was nothing I could do about it. To try to swim against…

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Fight The Raging Torrent

  1. Thanks for posting this, Dale. I posted my comment on Sammy’s site. I like how he describes our journey of child bereavement.

    Love to you and Big Bear Boy,

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