I will see you on the other side, son.


This song was one I heard not long after Brandon left for the Other Side….my husband and I both sat and cried as these words spoke for our hearts.



  1. Beautiful song, Dale. Thank you for sharing it. They really are close to us-a final breath away, and oh so fully alive.

    I’m anxious to see them full-time in the next life…I also enjoy the moments now, when they share themselves and I “see” them-even now, on “this side”!

    In Christ,



  2. It is hard to imagine, I would like to have a glimpse of Brandon smiling and doing whatever we will be doing there. Yes, there are times when we do get to “see them” in ways that are hard to explain to those who have never experienced it. Our faith will see us through, though. Love always….in Christ.


  3. Dale, thanks so much for sharing this song! It is beautiful and sung by wonderful, wonderful musicians. I was blessed to see them perform at a bluegrass festival in North Carolina several years ago. My favorite of theirs is “I Believe” – it is a dear sweet song just as this one is. Assurances of Heaven and our loved ones “sitting at the feet of Jesus”. Love, Terri

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  4. You are welcome, Terri. I had never heard of this duo until we heard this song. I love to listen to all songs about Heaven and what it must be like. Love ya dear friend!


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