A wonderful reminder about All Saints Day…..not scary at all!!

I received this morning a church wide email from our pastor that reminds all of us of how my son and those who have died will be remembered this Sunday and every communion Sunday as we remember those who cannot be seen but are present with us. We have much to celebrate in Christ Jesus who has defeated death and made eternal life possible for all of us. We love you, son..............................
A Note from your pastor, on all the saints. 
We are not alone.  Every week in worship, we declare that we believe in the “communion of the saints.” That is, we believe that all of God’s people, — living and dead,— are part of the same church, and by the power of the Holy Spirit we are always united. We can’t see the saints who have gone before us until Christ comes back, but they are bound to us and praising with us even now.  For centuries, Christians have remembered this by celebrating “All Saints Day,” a day of worship dedicated to celebrating those who have gone before us: “the saints,” “the holy ones,” or “the hallowed ones”
Of course, this does not come naturally to us; death is a hard thing to celebrate. And so, most of us spend a lot more time thinking about the day before All Saints Day.  “All Hallow’s Eve,” the day before All Saints, has become one of the most popular holidays in America. Our costumes and pumpkin gargoyles help us make fun out of something scary, they help us to laugh in the face of darkness. Halloween helps us make fun of the Enemy and cut him down to size.  This is all good.  But I hope we never get so focused on the Enemy – even in making fun – that we forget the Victor.
To that end, we will be celebrating All Saints Sunday this week in our worship, and I do mean celebrating. As a part of our worship we will be observing a moment of remembrance for all those saints who have died in the last year and now share fully in Christ’s victory.  We will honor them in a time of reverence as we declare the victory that Christ has for all of us.  It’s sure to be a moving service.
And this week, may you remember that we are all given a share in Christ’s victory over death. By God’s grace, we are All Saints.
Peace and all good,

4 thoughts on “A wonderful reminder about All Saints Day…..not scary at all!!

  1. I like your Pastor’s “style”, Dale! (and of course his name!)

    His specifically remembering those who have died during the past year, will surely touch the hearts of all the newly bereaved. It is wonderful to have 2 days in a row, to publicly remember our transitioned ones.

    My church requested we bring a photo of our deceased beloved(s) to add to Sunday’s memorial in honor of them. It is such a blessing to trust in the fact they’re in Heaven and “All is Well”….!

    Love, Donna

    • Amen….all IS well but my suffering lonely heart. I so miss him every day. I am sending my Brandon bear hugs for you to wrap up in as you remember your sweet Michael and Lisa and Tim. xo

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