Losing Lambert: A Journey Through Suicide and Hope

I just watched this and it has really helped me.  I hope this helps all the families who have lost their child to suicide and struggle every single day with questions. From this I have learned: 1.) I did not cause this to happen to my son. 2.) My son loved me. In Memory of Brandon …..and all those who have died from mental illness.

Losing Lambert: Suicide and Hope Part one

Losing Lambert: Suicide and Hope Part two


2 thoughts on “Losing Lambert: A Journey Through Suicide and Hope

  1. I watched both videos, and found them very moving. I have a greater understanding of suicide-thanks to you and your helpful site.

    How in the world, can anyone ever be “judgmental” when increasing evidence exists, that suicide is a MEDICAL problem.

    I am left wondering about the higher male to female ratio of suicide. Perhaps just as many females attempt it- but fail? Or wondering if it is more of a biological predisposition…

    Thank you for sharing this, Dale. My heart goes out to you in empathy, for the physical loss of your gentle giant, dearest Brandon Bear…Two words of hope…REUNION AWAITS!

    In His Name,

  2. Thank you so much, Donna, for taking the time to watch the video and to comment, I agree with the biological analysis. I really do believe it is a medical problem and that so many people are dying this way because for too long there has been nothing done to know more about it. Society has made up its collective mind what is “wrong” with people who die this way and wouldn’t you know it, it has been “wrong.” I just hope that help is made more available to those families who must endure this kind of illness and long suffering. Love and Brandon bear hugs…always. ~ Dale

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