Do NOT Listen to the Father of Lies

Since I know the terrible whispers of the Father of Lies…I need to share the hope that only God can give us. Thank you, Kathleen for this reminder.


IMG_4179For those of us who have experienced the death of a child, the enemy often tries to convince us that our child is LOST – gone forever, dead, unworthy, unsaved, never to be found again.

He tries to convince us that if they were not perfect, if they did not leave a box of journals filled with godly prayers and confession, if they were not leaders in their church, if they dabbled in drugs or suffered addition, if they failed in any area…then they are in fact LOST! God did not love them.  He did not welcome them into His presence.  They are LOST!  Yes, the enemy will lie to us.  And he is good at it.  He will tell you your child is LOST.  He knows what to whisper into the ears of a grieving mother.  He knows how to humiliate a grieving father.  He is the father of…

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  1. Great reposted blog entry-full of Hope-
    I believe that Jesus will never turn away any person, who truly understands where he/she erred, and is truly repentant.

    Not everyone is fortunate, to be gifted with a faith upbringing. Some never have been baptized, as a result of this. I feel that God, being merciful, lovingly instructs those that fit this category of people. He’s more desirous to “save”, rather than condemn, from all I’ve learned of Him.

    Thanks for sharing this!


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