Michael Brandon Heath July 26, 1979 ~ March 6, 2009

Succumbed to suicide in the midst of depression. God has given us hope through Jesus Christ and I am assured of seeing my precious wonderful son again for all eternity. Praise God…It is indeed well with our souls. I love you, Brandon.



  1. Never a day goes by that we don’t think of you. You are truly missed. I think of the things you must be enjoying and experiencing now. And I think of how disgusted you would be at how our country has turned out. One thing we can all count on though, no matter how bad it gets….we will all be together again one day…..and that is what we desperately look forward to. No more pains of this life. Just being with our Brandon again. Lol…The running joke here is that when we finally get to heaven…we might run past Jesus and give YOU the biggest hug instead. 🙂

    We love you Brandon…..


  2. Allowing our shattered souls to be rebuilt-stronger than before-is a courageous process…imho you have done well!

    In the end-my conclusion that all truly is well with their soul(s)-is what was required of me, to initiate and maintain saving and redeeming hope. We have much to look forward to when we too, transition.

    Looking back over the years (almost 30), it’s as if our bereavement journey consists of two parts…we have to first “Let go”-and then later “Receive them back” -(in this life and the next) as if full circle…!

    Love to you and Brandon Bear on this special day of remembrance,



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