Thank you for making this day bearable.

I was blessed to have my daughters, granddaughter, and husband help make Brandon’s 35th birthday pleasant. Our little family being together was special and felt like a hug all night long.  I received caring calls from people whom I consider among my most precious of friends. Thank you, Linda, Terri, and Diane. Thank you to my mother and Carl who called, as well. Of course, my mom forgot what it was she was calling about…when I told her that we had just made a toast to Brandon’s birthday with his favorite drink, Dr. Pepper, she asked me, “How old is he?” She truly can’t remember from one minute to the next that Brandon is not with us anymore, but I know Carl helped her remember even if it was for a split second. I have gotten over the shock of her questions.

To make my day complete, my new friend, Dee, who will be observing her own daughter’s one year mark on August 4th, sent me a lovely shawl and a wonderful poem with Amy’s picture. The package arrived on Brandon’s birthday. Dee makes shawls in remembrance of Amy and to help grieving moms everywhere. I am overwhelmed with her genuine compassion for all others even in the midst of her deep grief. “Feathers” to my friend Dee and to Amy. Also, thank you Diane, who has suffered the loss of her precious son, Philip. Diane and I share our deep grief in phone calls and recently we met in person. Her call and beautiful card was encouraging.

I managed to write on my blog for the month of July to honor my son’s life. I wish to thank all those who read, commented, or liked my posts. Thanks a million to my faithful “blog followers.” I wanted to do some kind of justice to Brandon’s short life by sharing as much as I could of the boy I raised and love, also by sharing my faith in God in face of this terrible loss. Yes, even my doubts and anger. I pray that I can continue to touch others by sharing our lives and Brandon’s death. Non of it will be in vain if my prayers are answered. I am blessed.


  1. We had a great time. And I’m sure Brandon was with us as well. He always is and always will be. Love you and Dad!


  2. Dale, you have enlightened me much-who knew such dangers were lurking with so-called “helpful” meds…

    I’m glad for you- that “July” is over! We have much to look forward to, this is true!
    Love, Donna


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