The Poetic Scars of Bullying

Brandon wrote this poem 4 years after he graduated from high school. It was just a poem to me then as we both loved to write poetry. I thought the poem had good imagery and emotion. Brandon used images of the toys he had played with as a child.  I had already published two books of poetry and Brandon always shared his writings with me. Always seeking my critique. I would never have thought I would look back on this poem and realize that there was truth right under my nose disguised as a poem. Just another facet of this long and complicated tragedy.

I never remember seeing outward wounds on my son but I do remember having to go several times to the school to tell the teachers and administration of the boys who were being mean to Brandon. I am certain that the scars ran much deeper than his skin.

On Brandon’s legacy page the father of a boy who Brandon knew told of Brandon stopping some guys from bullying his son in the halls at school. In his words, “Brandon diffused the situation.” I remembered Brandon telling me of that incident. He handled it with diplomacy and gentleness. He had a soft spirit about him even though the words he wrote were sometimes filled with rage. Better to be on paper than in jail.

Natalie told me that when she was bullied in elementary school that Brandon told her that she was to tell those kids that her daddy would come to their house at night and be under their beds……His imagination was his revenge.

Brandon Sweet boy 019

One comment

  1. Brandon’s imagination is so incredibly interesting and this poem is another example of that. What a neat son you have!

    How kind, that Brandon diffused that student’s bullying experience…(“What you do to the least of mine, you do to Me”)…Truly a gentle giant!

    Love, Donna


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