Any Summer Saturday….

As a close family, we have always spent our vacation time and many of our weekends together. I know, it sounds so 50’s and I like it that way. When we bought our pontoon some years ago, we spent a lot of time on the water. The beaches and the rivers, the bayous and the bay that surround us in our home state of Florida have always been our playground. It is where my husband and I, our children and now our grandchildren spend weekends in the summer. Of course, the nature of children growing up and away to do their own thing is inevitable, as has been the case, but we still managed to get together in spite of it. It’s just not as often.

Now, that the grandchildren are young men and women….well, the oldest is 22 yrs. old and the youngest will be a teen this year, our life as we once knew it is constantly evolving. But then it had already changed with our tragedy five years ago. Trying to cope with our loss and still maintain some kind of normalcy has been a challenge like none other.

I share the photos of our bygone era of happiness and wonder. We can never go back except in memories. I am blessed to have good ones.

fun in the sunMore Brandon pictures and garden 136pictures of brandon 083020590


045688042More Brandon pictures and garden 132boys at the beach239I LOVE BRANDON sand writing


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