Remembering July ….. Day 2

We can’t have July without celebrating one of your “big” sisters birthday….on this day Friday, July 2nd, 1976,…Vanessa..our “Chub-a-wub” was born at 3:14 at 8 lbs 4ozs.,  20 3/4 inches long. It was also the Bicentennial birthday of America that July 4th…we came home just in time to see the fireworks that were held on the 5th.

Image  Image     Image

ImageNow she is a mom of an almost teenager…..

life is tumbling forward a mach speed….but on most days for me….the days can’t go fast enough anymore. I just want to get through it and be able to stand before God as “more than a conqueror.”

I remember Brandon how you were welcomed home by your sisters who wanted so badly to hold you. I would not let your dad hold you because he had gotten into some poison ivy and it was all over his arms. But it wasn’t long before this picture was taken, You slept all the time!! Sometimes I would wake you up just to see if you were okay.Image



3 thoughts on “Remembering July ….. Day 2

  1. Precious photos! And Vanessa resembles you quite a bit, with her loveliness. Precious Mariah almost a teen-time zips by so very fast…she’s a beauty who won’t last long in the “singles” market!

    Love, Donna ps July 2nd is also my Dad’s birthday. He’s been in Heaven now since 1991.

  2. Thank you. Yes, Mariah is a sweetie. It is hard to fathom that she will be a teen this year. I dread the years of dating and driving. I always did dread it with my children. Love and Happy B’day in Heaven to your dad.

  3. Yes, “life is tumbling forward” but so much of the time I feel like I’m just waiting it out. How to live with what we know?

    Peace and love to Vanessa on her birthday; thank God you have her. xoxoxoxoxo

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