Remembering July 1979

This day begins the month you were born. I remember carrying you in the heat of summer…we had no central air so we bought a window unit for our bedroom. It was such a relief. I had such pain going down my leg….even complete numbness there at the end. I was eager to get my last pregnancy over.

You were born on Thursday, July 26th 1979 at 10:14 pm. weighing in at 7 lbs.15 ozs. and 21 inches long…whew, no wonder I couldn’t breathe and my leg was going numb. I cried with such joy over the fact that you were “here” and that you were a boy. We already had our girls. We would not be having anymore children after the third one, no matter the sex.

ImageHere you are through the window…Vanessa thought she could just pick out any of the babies to take home with her. We had a good laugh.


Every day in July I will dedicate a memory of your birth and how you affected our lives. We miss you so much but you are having a grand time with God. Who could ever deny you that?



2 thoughts on “Remembering July 1979

  1. Brandon was about the size of my Michael and my Lisa.

    Now my Kevin-let’s just say I was expected to have twins early on. Turned out just one/but he reeled in at 9# 11 oz–I call him my 9-11 baby-Ha!

    We women, we have our own version of “Who caught the biggest fish” lol. I love telling my story…as I’m barely 5 ft tall. The looks I get! I look forward to learning more about your dear angel-son in future installments!
    Love, Donna

  2. Thank you so much Donna…My goodness….. 9-11….almost a ten pounder! Your back had to have hurt badly! Of course, I know that any size baby can bring on all kinds of challenges! Love and blessings….dale…brandon’s mom

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