Another Common Phrase I Hate

Excellent opinion about the futility in the “why” of our suffering or our reasons for wanting to know “why” when there truly may never be an answer. We should lean on Jesus and know His grace is sufficient through the mysteries set before us in our sufferings.


4 thoughts on “Another Common Phrase I Hate

  1. I can’t say I dislike the phrase-I frequently say this. To me, it helps me recall that there is “order” in the chaotic universe. Man’s free will can cause much tragedy. But it is an easy thing for God to somehow transform all experiences into stepping stones for His good purposes. That’s what I think of, when hearing that phrase.

    I think it all depends on what “intention” the phrase proclaimer is giving voice to. As a quick dismissive, or a theologically based statement of Faith-strengthened by one’s own personal “God-turned-around” stories of rising from the ashes.

    Although there is always something we can “learn” from personal tragedy…I intensely dislike people telling me that the only reason for my misfortune was SO I could learn said lesson. This I do not agree with! There’s free will AND there’s God easily able to transform lemons into lemonade. I love how Scripture states, “For He does not willingly bring affliction or grief on anyone.”
    (Lamentations 3:33)

    • While I agree with this blog, I also agree with you, as well. I think that what struck a personal chord for me was this: “In reality, we do not need a reason. “Why” will not comfort us. “Why” will not mend our broken hearts. Because there is no “why” that is sufficient for our suffering.”

      It inspires me to let go of my relentless need for an answer to something I may never understand.

  2. I have been through my share of loss and disaster. Once, when I was in China, one of my friends urged me to reflect on Lao Wang. It helped. Prior to that, I would think about George Harrison and “All Things Must Pass”..

  3. I wonder where the platitude came from in the first place. I don’t like it and it doesn’t make sense to me, especially in light of what you are suffering xxx

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