A Few Things I’ve Learned in the 10 Years Since Jason Died

So many people can sadly relate to the loss of a child. I only wish those who are not familiar with grief or knows a parent who is grieving would read and understand that a bereaved parent is always bereaved. The stages of grief come and go, intensify and subside…but grief is an unwanted “bedfellow” and it is a part of us as much as the child who is no longer in our presence.

Grief: One Woman's Perspective

As the ten-year anniversary of Jason’s death approaches, I’ve been thinking about some of the things I’ve observed, learned, or experienced in the last ten years and thought I’d share a few from my perspective as bereaved parent. I have posted about some of these before, but they are worth repeating. (As with all posts, these are strictly from my perspective as an individual bereaved parent and should in no way be construed as rigid, representing other bereaved parents, or “one size fits all.” I do, however, hope that my perspective can bring some insight or understanding.)

You can survive the death of a child. I think this is one thing about which I still marvel. I thought Jason’s death would kill literally kill me. I didn’t think I could live without Jason. I didn’t want to live without my boy. I wanted to die. But, one breath at…

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