Good Friday?

It was a Friday five years ago when it was told to us that our son had died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. For the longest time I counted Fridays. I remembered Friday with a terrible tortured heart. Friday, to me, was not good. But as my heart and mind adjusted somewhat to the days of the week and the months of the years, over time I have let Friday go.

Today is Good Friday. For those who are not Christian, you may not know why the word “good” could apply to this day…. a day that we observe the crucifixion of Christ. It was the day that our sins, yours and mine, were permanently forgiven by the blood that was shed on the cross at Calvary by our Lord Jesus Christ. As much as it is sorrowful and a reminder of the worst kind of pain, it is a hope filled day for all of us who believe. For we know that Christ arose on the third day …the day we celebrate Easter…life….victory over the grave. Christ defeated death.

Because Christ lives….my son also lives. He believed in Christ and loved Him “beyond words” (Brandon’s own words from his written prayers) and with that hope, I know that I will see my son again. Brandon is now whole, perfect, and beautiful in the Glory of our Lord. As sad I can be on some days because he is gone from me, I am richly blessed in the assurance of his eternal life. And that my friend, is why we observe this Good Friday.

I hope you will listen to my very favorite singer of ALL time!! David Phelps sings the story “The End of the Beginning”…he also sings “It Is Well With My Soul”….may God bless the listener.



4 thoughts on “Good Friday?

  1. Bless you, Dale. It is good that Brandon is now safe and at peace. Thinking of your heart, I can only imagine Mary’s aching heart many years ago today.She knew…but she didn’t know the glory to come only three short days away. May this weekend bring you peace and joy in your remembrance.

  2. Thank you Susan. I have cried tears today over the sorrow at the crucifixion but am joyful at the same time because I KNOW the outcome that Mary did not know at the time of her loss. God bless you.

  3. “Good Friday”–It’s strange to call such a sad day “good”. Such is the bereavement journey…Our saddest day is our loved one’s entrance into Heaven.

    It took awhile before I released my children –to willingly let them–(as if I had a choice) go to the Light–and remain there. I had to constantly remind myself that it is better–much better–for them there …than here, and they only went ahead of me…

    It is cruel for anyone to imply to a bereaved parent, that their child may not “get promoted”. Brandon already had a relationship with Jesus–who welcomed him home with open arms.

  4. Donna, I know that grief cannot be compared but you, my friend, have experience the full horror of horrors…the loss of your entire family in one tragic accident. But, lets not focus on the word “loss” because it is only a temporary state for us. “Reunion” is a word filled with anticipation and joy and so we wait and know. I wish that for all who have experienced this kind of sorrow. Peace and blessings on this Easter weekend.

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