This recording was the one I chose to end my son’s memorial service. I had only known the song a few months before our loss and Heaven’s gain. The lyrics are so very fitting, the tune, solemn yet hopeful.

I love you Brandon and always will. My only comfort is knowing right where you are.

The song is “Come to Jesus.” I hope those who read the lyrics will allow the words to sink into your heart. I hope that if you do not know Jesus as your Savior that you will invite Him into your life and heart. Then you will have the peace of knowing a life eternal.


6 thoughts on “Knowing

  1. That is awesome, Susan. I love the words so much. I wish I would have had the sense and composure to have had someone sing it rather than have the song played at Brandon’s memorial. There is a lot I would have done differently.

  2. This song is so beautiful…what a perfect song to have chosen!

    I think many of us, in hindsight, probably would change a detail or two regarding the funeral.

    The words are very exciting in the song-regarding freedom and overall joy-yet the melody is so sad…Clearly, the melody is for the mortal “reality” only!
    Thanks for sharing, Dale!

    In Christ,

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