No note…just a drawing, his signature and a caption


In the lower right hand corner, Brandon has written, “It’s too late”…This drawing was hanging on the wall of his apartment along with other drawings and was confiscated by the police as his “suicide note.” Maybe…maybe not. His death came in the middle of an argument with his wife. He wasn’t in a dark room somewhere contemplating his death but I do know that at times when he was younger he did. He was a writer and an artist always compelled to do both every single day. He was dedicated and driven.

I guess as a mom who is grieving the only comfort I find in this drawing is that it is a picture of hope. Can you find the hope I am talking about?


10 thoughts on “No note…just a drawing, his signature and a caption

  1. Wow. The timing of you leaving me a comment on my blog, if me writing my post today, and being led here just blows my mind. Serendipity. Through sharing your experience, by being open to celebrating your son’s life and a mother’s precious love, you have helped my soul today. Thank you, Jackie

  2. Thank you for seeing the difference between the dark corner and the arguement. My son was agruing with his girlfriend when he shot himself. In my world I feel like i am the only one who sees that as the contributing factor rather than his past mental health issues. The police investigation was a joke because she didn’t tell them they were fighting. And they just took her statement and closed the case. It is making me crazy inside. Love the drawing and I don’t see it as a suicide note. I see an amazing piece of art.

    • My heart goes out to you, Melissa. You and I know the same kind of pain. The investigation in my son’s case was very shoddy and unprofessional done by a rogue, self-inflated, no good “detective.” I wrote about it in another post: “What I Would Say To Those Who Killed and Neglected My Son”….I do not know how to link it in this comment or post but if you scroll down on my home page you will find it. Although, I hate that you, too, are suffering the same, I feel like we can support each other in our grief. God bless you, and thank you for reading my blog and being so kind to share your thoughts on Brandon’s drawing. I am so sorry that you lost your precious son. You are not alone.We as mothers see it as what it really is and no one can know us or our children’s hearts.

  3. When I look at this picture I see a message of comfort in knowing that your son is at peace. Once I got past all the anger, hurt and other negative emotions, I looked for a sign of comfort to know that my son was at peace. Of course we may share different views on the photo but rest assure we do share a common bond and that is mothers who have lost a son. I will include you and Brandon in my prayers.

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Yes, I believe our sons are at total peace and that God has them in His loving presence forever. I am so sorry for your loss and will also include you in my prayers.

  4. Dale,

    Clearly your hope is the LIGHT shining down on Brandon from heaven above! He has God’s love and favor – then AND now!



    • YES!!! The Light is God and the bed is floating in clouds while the “death angel” is reaching to escort his soul to Heaven. Although the picture did not transfer clearly onto this post, if you look closely there are figures in the distance….a heavenly picture of loved ones all around. I can’t help but look at this as the hope my son had that he would be in peace and there would be no condemnation. I love and miss ya’ dear friend!!

  5. I see that bright, steaming light in the drawing-What a “Life” Note–not a “suicide” Note!

    Personally-that drawing looks nothing like a suicide note to me…The police must have been grasping at straws to come up with that idea… It is a blessing to you, to have drawing(s) affirming Brandon’s strong faith in Jesus-many wish they could have such assurance, “straight from the horse’s mouth”!

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