Rick Warren: Churches Must Do More to Address Mental Illness

I wish it were so that the Church was all it is supposed to be but it fails in many way when it comes to the mentally ill, in my opinion. My last post was written because of my experience with a blogger who claims to be a part of the Church. I believe he represents a margin of those people who damage the name of Christ and show no mercy or understanding but instead chase people away who need Christ. I am tired of religion getting in the way of the Gospel and all Christ wanted the Church to be. My own experience with the Church has not been positive. I have hope that one day things will change.


2 thoughts on “Rick Warren: Churches Must Do More to Address Mental Illness

  1. I understand your disappointment with organized religion. I watched our church “distance” themselves from us after Chantz died. We were “messy” and created confusion. However, I’m living proof that a relationship with God and connection to Christians who also have personal relationships with God will sustain you. Not only have I been sustained, but I’ve been grown in this garden of believers. Dale, you and I are growing in this garden together and we will help those who come behind us! I love you!

  2. I believe you are right, dear friend. We have gone through this for a reason, as did our children. God works things out to His good and for His purpose. We have hope and we are not alone. I am thankful that God has provided the right people for me and for you as we try to navigate these unknowing, sometimes treacherous waters of grief and sorrow. I have said a prayer for both you and Jan this morning. God bless you and keep His loving arms around you until you are joined with your children again. I love you…..dale

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