Today… Brandon arm wrestling with Samson…a sister’s love

Today I miss my brother. Today I am sad that he is not here. Today I know that our lives will be forever different without him with us. Today I pray for peace and understanding. Today I try not to be mad that he is gone. Today I remember all I can about Brandon and the wonderful person that he was and still is. Today I thank God for the time we had together. Today I’m thankful for salvation. Today I’m assured I will be with him again in Heaven. Today my brother is in a place he would never want to come back from and in a place we long to be. Today my brother walks with Moses. Today my brother arm wrestles Samson. Today my brother sits at the foot of Jesus. Today my brother flies with the angels, making them laugh. Today… brother is in Heaven.

Thank you Jesus for my brother. Thank you for Michael Brandon Heath. Tell him I will see him soon. Tell him I love him. And please comfort my parents. Today send Your angels to them. Today let them know their son is free.

Love you Mom and Dad…

I have felt the love of family and friends, old and new,  during this time when we are remembering our son who died on this date five years ago. Even though, we will never know the real story behind his death the one thing that we do know is where he is…and that he is FREE. Thank you to my daughter, Andrea…Brandon’s “big” sister for her prayer today. I now have that lovely image of Brandon arm wrestling with Samson….and that is a comfort I cannot describe.

I have posted some images that I hope tells the true character of our son, brother, father, cousin, nephew….and husband.





I think of Brandon’s brawn and wit and intelligence…and all that he was in our lives. One of his favorite movies was “Gladiator” and from that movie is one of my favorite songs….”Now We Are Free”…..It reminds me of my “Maximus”….my Brandon who, as his sister said…is FREE!! We will see you again, son, but not yet, not yet…..


10 thoughts on “Today… Brandon arm wrestling with Samson…a sister’s love

  1. Thank you Susan…I am resting in God’s love, mercy and grace. I am blessed by friends like you who surround me with their love and pray for me and my family. God bless you…and thank you for Psalms 37. I have accepted it as mine TODAY. xo …dale

  2. Thinking of you and your family –all of us still in exile here–on this sad day, Dale.

    Your daughter’s words are so true and uplifting. Bottom line…Brandon is “extravagantly” alive and well…and the reality of joyful reunion awaits us, who long so for our beloveds…there is much to anticipate–the best “Christmas” EVER! Keep the Faith my dear friend!

    With love, Donna

    • Thank you Donna for thinking of us on this day…no matter the joy Brandon is having at this very minute, I am sad without him. I know you know all too well. Peace is mine from the prayers that have comforted me today. God bless you…..xo dale

  3. I love Andrea’s prayer! What a comforting thought – Brandon interacting with the holiest of men. I am so thankful this vision is something special you can claim today as you remember all of the wonderful things about Brandon.

    Thinking of you, Mike and your family today,

    Love you –


  4. Thank you, Terri. I enjoyed talking to you last night, Your friendship means a lot to me. Andrea’s prayer was the first thing I woke up to this morning. It has carried me all day long…and will for a very long time. Love you, too….dale

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