Michael Brandon Heath’s art….a dedication

The last photo in this video is the last drawing done by my son. The investigator confiscated it from Brandon’s apartment and declared it a “suicide note.” To me it shows my son’s depiction of the death angel coming to escort a soul to heaven. Even still it is a sad farewell from my son.


4 thoughts on “Michael Brandon Heath’s art….a dedication

  1. Brandon clearly is an artist–his artwork is amazingly good! I felt the emotions stirred by viewing the “scary”drawings.

    Artists have a greater capacity and ability to experience and express deep emotions, I believe. Truly, Brandon must be enjoying the gorgeous, safe environs of Heaven. As my elderly friend transitioned, she exclaimed, “Oh! How BEAUTIFUL!!”

    • Thank you Donna, as you are always loyal and comforting. I think the last drawing is like a message to me. I do remember you telling me about your friend’s last words here on earth….such a wonderful thing to know. Love and Brandon bear hugs….. xo….dale

  2. Any token of goodbye from your son is going to bring pain to your heart, my friend.
    All you can do now is carry on with the business of living while honoring your son’s spirit.

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