Brandon’s 34th birthday video….by mom

Every year since Brandon’s passing, I have made a video of his photos and also memorial garden. This video is to honor what would have been his 34th birthday celebration on July 26, 2013.


4 thoughts on “Brandon’s 34th birthday video….by mom

  1. Dale, my heart aches for you, watching this video…What I see, is a happy boy, deeply loved and cared for. It’s a deep, deep wound that only another bereaved Mom can ever “get” the depth of anguish,that is our child’s transitioning before our own takes place.

    A beautiful tribute to a wonderful son who is still alive–but now in Paradise–Brandon would want you to take the ball and run toward the “end zone” with joy and happiness at winning over your “opponent” in this battleground–falsely called “life”…

    • Donna, you are so right about “this battleground–falsely called “life.”….the real life is already happening for our children. Thank you for being my encourager. xo dale

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